More White Space

Show someone a white canvass and they instinctively write or sketch something on it. It's a universal itch to create something we all share. And it's most evident in the entrepreneurial mind. For ages they've been wanting to fill the blanks, the lags, the needs and wants with solutions and products. The world's getting enabled everyday with better tools and processing power to create something new from real and even virtual settings. Products are made and even killed at break neck speed. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and so on.. Node believes there's enough created, enough that's written and sketched on the white canvass of the world. It's time to look at it closely to redo some sketches, to re-create more white spaces, to simplify products and solutions that have already been made. And have fun along the way in this process of simplicity consulting. Let's redesign.
Let's make more white space.